Tailored & Spring Ready Feat. Seth

After taking care of business and passing boards, I was ready to hop back into blogging at The DDD, and thought of no better way than to bring some friends along. For this post I tapped on the shoulder of good friend and photographer Jasper based out of Baltimore, MD. While hanging out by the harbor we ran into Seth custom suit designer for Christian Schafer Clothier. Between conversation about menswear, photography, and future plans Jasper was able to take some great shots. Enjoy.

One thing I loved about Seth’s style other than the suit detailing (contrasting buttons, suit lining, monogram to name a few) and crazy pocket square, was that although dressed up with a great fit he was comfortable enough to skateboard around the city. His ability to look at home in his suiting is something we can learn from. Wall street…but not really, dressed up…but with personality.

From a distance my outfit seems to be a “safe” semi casual early spring look with gray and navy, however as you get closer you notice a couple of different patterns. Just the other day I was helping a client put together shirt, tie, and jacket combinations for their wardrobe and encouraged them to try a few new things without going overboard. Polka dot, gingham, and stripes? Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense until you see it all together.

Note: If you like the look, but there are too many patterns going on here for you, try and replace the shirt with a solid light blue.

Note: I love to carry a light scarf around this time of year when wearing a suit. Its not only useful for when there is a chill in the air, but can add another color to create depth in your outfit.

I would like to thank Jasper for the amazing photos, keep on the lookout for more collaborations and work from him here, and on my Instagram page. Also thanks to Seth for participating you can check more of him out at his IG page @seththetailor and email him at seth@christopherschafer.com. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more at The DDD.

On Raymond Jacket: Vintage, Shirt:Land’s End, Tie: J. Crew, Pants:Zara , Shoes:Florsheim , Glasses: Warby Parker Preston in Blue Marblewood, Watch: Casio, Pocket Square & Tie Bar: Vintage

On Seth Suit/Shirt/Tie all from Christopher Schafer Clothier

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White Coat Style – What’s up Doc?

I have worn raincoats, pea coats, sport coats, over coats, all types of coats and jackets that you can probably think of….but none mean as much, and cost as much (Sallie Mae is no joke) , than the white coat I earned recently. This past weekend I finally graduated with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Since starting this blog over a year ago I have been a graduate student balancing study time, networking, assignments, posts, and somewhat of a social life. It has definitely been a long but rewarding journey, and it’s only fitting that I have a style post on graduation day.

Being a student most of my life taught me how to be able to put an outfit together and remain cost conscious. This is a valuable skill that I know will come in handy for quite some time. When trying to decide what I would wear for my big day I went looking around the DMV. I finally decided to go with Zara’s Basic Slim fit fashion suit (I love this fit, and with the help of my tailor it felt like a glove). At $160 I was pretty excited about the deal and fit. Note if you are not a fan of the really tapered trousers you will most likely not be a fan.

I wanted to bring out all the stops so I went with a French cuff shirt, vintage cuff links passed down from my dad, and black striped vest. Apparently I’m still playing around with the navy blue and black theme in a lot of my outfits recently.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support. I am now preparing to take my board examination so my apologies in advance if I am missing in action for a little while. However once I’m done (and pass with flying colors, pray for me) expect a lot of new surprises from The DDD! I can’t wait to roll them out and show the new vision and direction. Until then make an impression. Dress well….

Suit: Zara Basic Slim fit Fashion suit, Shoes: Zara Double monk straps, Shirt: Lorenzo Uomo, Tie: Calvin Klein, Vest: Sisley, Cufflinks: Vintage, Glasses: Warby Parker Preston in Gimlet tortoise, Watch: Casio

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The Illustrator

I love instagram. I find that it’s really one of the only social networking apps I really use on a consistent basis. Not only do I find a lot of inspiration from various the guys like @dapperadvisor, @joesteezzy, @blakescott_, @ostnttnandstyle, and @aundreus (just to name a few) but I also get a chance to connect with extremely talented people who share the same appreciation for menswear. One of those very talented people that I have got to know through intsagram is The Sunflowerman. He is a men’s fashion illustrator based in Atlanta, GA that creates amazing pieces which captures menswear and the individual giving all of his work personality and character. Check out his illustration of me above, and if you haven’t seen his work visit his website you will definitely be in for a treat.

Oh and if youre not following me on instagram go ahead check me out at @thedapper_dd. Make an impression. Dress Well.

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The Wrap Up

While the past couple of months have been extremely busy, they have also been quite rewarding. I’ve been finishing coursework in preparation for graduation, was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily, had a chance to guest blog for the H.O.P.E. Scholarship (Check it out if you haven’t), getting ready to kick board exam prep into full gear, and (if that’s not enough) laying the foundation for new projects in 2014. I really can’t wait for what’s in store for the future. In the meantime catch the wrap up of this series shot by my good friend Shoccara Marcus.

I really like this outfit because there’s really not too much to it. It’s to the point, no real flash, or statement piece going on, but can be worn for various occasions. It’s an outfit that you can feel comfortable in whether you’re just hanging out, going to the movies, spending a little time with your lady, or shopping for the holidays.

I usually stray away from wearing a ton of black, but in this outfit it’s what pulls everything together. The denim jacket, scarf, belt, and shoes, help to tone down some of the brighter colors in the shirt. As the weather is certainly a little cooler now then when we initially shot this, I would throw a well fitted military style or pea coat over to complete the look.

I have been growing my scarf collection so I’m looking forward to experimenting with all types of ways to wrap them and protect my neck from the chill.

Here are a look at the four outfits in this series. A huge thanks to Shoccara for this shoot, we had a great time making it happen and can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more from The DDD.

Shirt: Thrifted, Denim Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Scarf: United Colors of Benetton, Pants: American Eagle, Glasses: Warby Parker Preston in Blue Marblewood

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Navy Blues

Like many others I am a huge fan of Boardwalk Empire, hey I almost threw a carnation on my lapel for good measure with this outfit (eat that Nucky). The well cut 3 piece suits and 1920’s style on the show is a huge inspiration for me and my personal style. I find inspiration everywhere, from my friends to tv, film, and previous generations style elements. My style is infused with influences from all over the place. The various influences allow me to continue to evolve my personal style and make it my own. In this post, Part III of my shoot with the talented Shoccara Marcus I decided to rock a popular piece of the 1920’s a fedora, and a warm wool double breasted jacket.

A couple posts back in Unconventional Matching I talked a little bit about mixing navy blue, black, and brown. As you can see I’m using my own advice and working all three colors in together here. Black can serve as a safe color for a lot of men; however I typically don’t wear it as a primary color when I get dressed. Don’t get me wrong I think black is an amazing primary color, (because let’s face it when all black outfits are done correctly you really can’t get much cooler) however I find that I tend to push myself creatively when I steer away from using black as a primary color in my outfits. Instead of using black I opt for navy blue as my “safe” color” even though I would prefer to call it my “go to” color. This works because navy really opens up your options for what shoes you want to wear. Black, dark or light brown, or maybe more risky colors like plum or olive, can all look great depending on how you put the entire look together.

I got lucky with this double breasted jacket I found at a Salvation Army during a trip to Houston. As a side note, I make sure I go thrift shopping whenever I travel out of state which has been quite a bit recently. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for the jacket but I’m pretty sure it was under 10 bucks. It’s pretty warm and I could see why no one picked it up.

The fedora, along with the newsboy cap, and straw boater are some of my favorite popular items from the 1920’s. In my opinion the fedora is one of those pieces that are underutilized today. When done right it can really add to an outfit. I opted to take off the vest here to show how the outfit would look without it. It can go either way all preference.

Thank you for reading. More style posts on the way from The DDD. Make an impression. Dress well.

Jacket: Thrifted, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Shirt: H&M, Tie: Andrew’s Ties, Fedora: H&M, Glasses: Warby Parker Preston in Blue Marblewood, Watch: Casio Photography By: Shoccarra Marcus

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